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North American Teddywidder Rabbit Club

"All Wool & A Yard Wide"

About the American Teddywidders


The American Teddywidder is a fully wooled, lopped, dwarf breed in progress. The goal of the NATRC is to promote breeding quality Teddywidders to an acceptable standard with the intention of presenting the breed before the ARBA Standards Committee under a new breed COD.

Although NATRC legally became a nonprofit organization and a chartered club in the state of Tennessee on January 14th, 2022, the officers were diligently working on an American Teddywidder breed standard since February of 2018, with Neva publishing the first ever American Teddywidder SOP in the United States in September of 2021, which remains the current breed standard for the NATRC and a guide for many pursuing the advancement of the breed today.


WBT's Trinity

Photo Credit: Maria Wilson


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